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Wing Chun Kung Fu is a close quarter combat and full contact martial art.  

While it encompasses a more natural body stance during sparring, it's fundamental principle is learning to defend and attack along the body's centreline in the shortest possible route. Relaxation while executing moves is key to gaining speed.  Muscle memory derived through 'Sticking Hands' training assists the Wing Chun practitioner to take split second decisions in any given situation.


Wing Chun Gold Coast offers a modern and practical approach to learning Wing Chun.  

Wing Chun Kung Fu requires tremendous self control, since all  combination sequences and 'Sticking Hands' sparring must be done in a most respectful manner towards fellow students.  Wing Chun can only be taught to the person who will not harm others but rather help others.


Wing Chun Kung Fu will give you confidence and equip you to deal with a potentially threatening situation.


I have been lucky enough to have been taught Wing Chun by Sifu Bruce Cheng. I respect all styles of martial art, having studied Judo for many years as well as Shaolin and Kobudo. I enjoy sharing my prior martial art knowledge to assist the Wing Chun student to deal with various different scenarios. Setting 'out of dojo' and real to life situations is also beneficial.   


If you would like to learn Wing Chun Kung Fu, please contact Sifu Wolfgang Teiniker on 0402621107.

Robina Community Centre
Gold Coast
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